About WoW Hosting Solutions

At WoW Hosting Solutions (WoWHost.co.uk) things are different, we don’t just sell our web hosting solutions to anyone that looks at our website, we don’t host adult themed/content websites, we don’t charge the earth for something that is freely available on the net.

WoW Hosting Solutions started it’s life like many other hosting providers as a reseller host but over time we have grown and developed our service and in 2008 we bought our first 5 servers to launch WoW Hosting Solutions as a fully fledged web hosting solutions provider.

When we bought our first web servers we sat and talked through how we could ensure our customers could receive the best possible web hosting solution and a solution that would set us apart from every other web host out there.

And we came up with our plan to become a more exclusive web hosting solutions provider, so we decided that we wouldn’t sell our services directly through our website and that we would like to talk to all our customers one to one to ensure we are giving them exactly what they need.

We encourage all our potential customers to call or email us to talk through your needs before placing an order with us, then we know you and you know us and we are not just another faceless web hosting provider who you can’t talk to before you order. Another advantage to selling in this personal way is that we can ensure the websites we host are safe and secure and do not contain potentially harmful content like bot nets, virus files etc providing an extra level of safety and security for both our customers and their site visitors and customers.

We may not be the UK’s biggest web hosting company but we are certainly dedicated to providing all our customers with that personal service we believe you deserve. at a reasonable price.

Contact us today and give us the opportunity to show you just how different we really are.