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I’ve installed the formmail script, but my form isn’t working. Why?

The Formmail Script is provided via the Control Panel, full usage instructions can be found after installation.

Assuming that you have successfully installed the formmail script via the Control Panel, then all the files will be present and the file permissions are correct. Therefore the only other reason for a problem would be your form that is calling the script.

In your eXtend control panel when you installed the script you were given a link for “Usage Instruction” and example HTML code to use, please take a look at that and make sure yours is the same. You are able to make modifications to this to add your own fields, but the basic structure is there to follow.

In order for the form to fully display on a web page the page should be saved with a .cgi extension.

How do I access the raw web access or error logs?

Simply log into your Control Panel and select ‘Web Site Reporting’. You then have an option for ‘Log File Download’.

This feature allows you to download your server access log as a zip file, you can then manipulate the file locally on your PC to get any specific data you need.

Otherwise with SSH access enabled you can find these in the “logs” folder in the root of your hosting space (note these are not viewable via FTP)

Buttons in the control panel don’t work when I click on them?

This is a problem with some web browsers ability to process the scripting of modern web sites.

It generally occurs in Internet Service Provider specific browsers such as AOL, BT and Tiscali. Try upgrading to a later version of that browser or using a more conventional browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

On accessing the control panel, the error “for security reasons your session has expired” is displayed?

There are a few reasons why the session expiry error is displayed when accessing the Control Panel.

First, the cookie settings on the local browser may be too restrictive. The settings should allow the control panel server to set cookies and any firewall or proxy software should be set to allow the cookies to be sent back to the server.

Second, the clock on the local machine must be accurate to within 30 minutes. When using the AOL browser, this is complicated slightly, as the browser maintains its own time zone, separate from the system time zone. Both must be accurate.

Finally, it may be that the account has been disabled. Contact support if you think that is the case.

Why is the change password button in Control Panel greyed out so I can’t click on it?

Passwords are subject to a minimum level of complexity – this increases your security and will stop anyone from ever guessing your password.

Passwords need to meet these three criteria to be rated ‘Good’:

1) Be 8 characters long.
2) Contain at least one number.
3) Contain at least one special character (e.g. ! ” £ $ % ).

The harder it is for someone to guess your password, the more secure it is. Try not to use personal information in your password (e.g. your date of birth, your anniversary, name of your significant other).

The best passwords are those which are randomly generated, but you may find these a little difficult to remember – try introducing a small random element to the end of your password, and make use of capitalisation in non-standard locations ( deCemBe2!&78 is a lot harder to guess than December78 and only marginally harder to remember).

How do I run scheduled tasks (CRON) on my account?

Scheduled tasks (also known as CRON jobs) can be setup in Control Panel. This feature (where available in your account type) allows you to enable a program to run automatically on the server, you can set your program to run every hour, daily, weekly or monthly. We allow up to 3 CRON jobs per account, a CRON job cannot be run more than once an hour maximum.

To setup a scheduled task simply log into your Control Panel, select ‘Web Tools’ and follow the instructions for ‘Scheduled Tasks’

I’m trying to upload a large file onto my webspace, and the file manager inside the Control Panel won’t let me. Why?

This is due to the nature of the web based FTP used, and your browser/ISP connection timing out before upload completes. To avoid this issue, if you need to upload large files to your website, then we’d recommend you use an FTP client to do so, such as FileZilla –

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