5 Quick SEO Tips

We all know it’s hard to position our pages on Google and other search engines. The more we try the harder it gets. With the ever-growing number of competing websites, the speed at which information travels on the Internet thanks to support forums and the host of plugins available for content management, SEO has become a fierce battle against both search engines and our competitors.

Here are 5 tips that help you get a better ranking on popular search engines.

Good titles

Your article title is one of the most important weapons in search engine optimization and if you do a good study of the keywords you will get it right.

The title is the first thing a reader will read from the search engine results obtained. It should be well written and summarize the content of your article.

OZCAR Tip: A catchy and unique title will grab readers attention thus getting them to click.

Meta description

Meta description field is important as search engines will better understand what the article is about. Many times search engines use this description as a summary of the article in their results pages.

OZCAR Tip: A short but accurate description of the content will ensure an influx of quality traffic to your website.

Keyword search

Use keyword suggestion tools to get an idea of hot keywords related to your article. Tools such as Google Trends and Google’s Insight for Search are very powerful and provide detail information on areas of search, for example latest search terms, hot searches in different countries, alternative phrasings and so forth.

OZCAR Tip: A quick look at these tools gives you good terms which can be used in the title and content of your article. Find popular terms suggested by these tools that your competing websites haven’t utilized.

Social networking sites

Submit links to social networking sites to gain traffic as well as to get good incoming links to your article.

OZCAR Tip: Submit links to blogs, forums and sites which are related to your site and have a high page rank. These incoming links will be more valuable, in terms of immediate traffic, than the ones coming from broader social networks.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google offers a comprehensive list of tools called Google Webmaster Tools. They provide you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on the Google search engine, the #1 search engine in the world.

With this tool you can view data about inbound and outbound links to your site and find out which keywords from Google search engine drives traffic to your site.

OZCAR Tip: Analyze the inbound and outbound links as well as hot keywords related to your site. See how you can expand your site’s content and thus traffic for those particular topics.

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