20 SEO Copywriting hints

1. Research your keywords – use online tools to check search volumes and competition. The higher the search volumes the harder it will be to rank well, but the more traffic you will get if you rank well!

2. Make sure your page content matches your Title descriptions and Meta data. The titles and Meta data should be as accurate as possible to describe the content.

3. Ensure your H1 tag contain your most desired keyword.

4. Make your H2 and H3 tags contain other important keywords that perhaps you could receive long tailed traffic from (must be relevant to industry).

5. Highlight occasional keywords and phrases in bold to add emphasis for visitors.

6. Look at your source code, see what content the spiders will see first and add value to this content, for example; if it’s a link – add a keyword / phrase, if its copy – add keyword or phrase to sentence.

7. Add keywords to your link descriptions within text copy, avoid “click here” and “read more” descriptions, but again make it relevant to the destination.

8. If you use any references to external websites also provide a link pointing to the source, this adds credibility to the content.

9. A sales page will not help you rank for a keyword, be informative and provide good detail on a page, include a click to action to your sales page if necessary.

10. Do not over use keywords in your individual page content. I have seen pages include a 3 keyword phrase more than 30 times on a single page and be placed 3 pages behind websites with 10-15 keywords on.

11. Make your content readable for your users not just the spiders, after all it’s the users you want to impress.

12. Include your targeted keyword and phrase in the first sentence – although there is no real proof this helps I personally believe it does.

13. When writing around images or using images to backup your copy, give an accurate description of what the image is for or what it refers to.

14. Be sure to add your companies address on the site, either on the contact page or elsewhere.

15. Don’t use text under 8pts to write your main copy – no one enjoys squinting (yes I know my text is quite small).

16. Use recognisable fonts – not everyone has the same font’s as you!

17. Make sure you don’t duplicate content throughout the website; each page should be unique, excluding the navigation etc.

18. Include keywords in Alt descriptions of images but don’t stuff them silly people!

19. Use http://validator.w3.org to check your website once the copy is added.

20. The best way to write good SEO friendly copy is to use your common sense more than anything. Be your own judge on what you think visitors will want to see, at the same time remember that spiders and bots do need to see your target keywords to make you visible in the searches!

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